• K&INVESTMENT PARTERS growing with company
  • Growth through preemptive investment in new businesses
    Partner with customers as an average investment specialist of more than 10 years
  • Business partner to realize company value
  • Based on trust, to realize value and success of the company
    Constantly striving K&INVESTMENT PARTERS
  • Investment in promising venture companies
  • Find promising venture companies, conduct due diligence to screen and evaluate investment prospects
  • VC/PE Operation
  • Venture capital fund, Korea Venture Fund,
    Private Equity Fund, M&A Financing Advisory
  • M&A Advisory & Management consulting
  • New business establishment, Value-up activities, management & IPO consulting, domestic and overseas business cooperation, M&A
  • High growth (AUM) based on capacity of fund raising
  • * Above AUM 279.6bn KRW in 7 years
    * Differentiated deal sourcing ability
    * Continued fund raising & Maximize profit thru early Exit
  • High profitable investment & Specialized fund management
  • * Secure short-term profit thru secondary deal & project investments
    * Specialty on secondary fund management
  • Various investors
  • Diverse government authorities, banks, corporations and Individuals
    -> Proven specialty on the investment
  • Experts with specialty &
    Plenty of working experiences
  • * The experts experienced more than 10 years in venture investment area and Industry.
    * Generate synergy effect on venture investment based on proper deploying the expert in PE investment.
  • High profit creation through PEF
  • * Create high profits by investing in undervalued listed companies through management involvement through PEF
    * Mezzanine investment minimizes risk and generates stable profits