About Our Team
  • CEO
  • Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies MA, Economics
    L&S Venture Capital Partner
    BK Investment / Vice-President
    Choongnam Venture Investment / CEO
    Korea First Venture Capital Corp/ Director
  • Kim, Chulwoo
  • Key Investment Sectors : : Bio-Health, Contents
    22years of VC Fund mgmt. (Total Participated AUM KRW 400.0bn)
    Various strong personal networks within and outside of the VC industry and ample experience in deal sourcing, asset management
    the Venture Capitalist of the Month (KVCA July, '19)
  • PE Dept / Vice President
  • Korea University Dept of Law
    Genesis BBQ Group
    Vnesto Capital, Korea / Vice-President
    Hanwha Group / Director
  • Oh, Seungsuk
  • Key Investment Sectors : Mezzanine listed, M&A
    Experience with Feasibility Study and Investment structuring
    Youngest committee member at Hanwha Group, took part in domestic and overseas projects
    Collected KRW 500 bn worth of, KRW 300bn of investment
  • VC Dept Director
  • Sungkyungwan Univ. ME. Telecommunication
    SJ Investment Partners / Manager
    Isang Investment, Team / Manager
    BK Investment / Manager
  • Nam, Bumil
  • Key Investment Sectors : IT, Mobile, S/W, ICT
    Venture Capitalist with experience in founding a company, Able to invest in firms with expertise
    Expertise in ICT Convergence, key player in combining ICT with venture firms
    Certified “SW Maestro” by Mi
  • VC Dept Director
  • Seoul National Univ. BA Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    GK Asset Co., Ltd.
    Daishin Securities Co., Ltd.
    Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Jeon, Jae cheon
  • 9 years of experience in manufacturing
    Analyst 10 Years (Industry analysis + Company Analysis)
    Based on 10 years of experience in the automotive, shipbuilding and machinery industries, have experience in analyzing various industries such as battery, self-driving car, mobility service, renewable energy (wind power, solar light, etc.)
  • VC Team Head, Analyst
  • UNIST Management Engineering

    Introducing Angel Partners
  • Han, Sang Woo
  • Supporting and screening technology start-ups with experience in discovering new businesses in mid-sized enterprises and supporting teachers' start-ups
    Experience in initial start-up support and follow-up investment support such as IBK Changgong and TIPS
    Major in AI/big data field and have expertise in content field start-up experience
  • VC Team Head, Analyst
  • Korea Univ. Bio Engineering
  • Jang, MunJin
  • Key Investment Sectors : Bio, biotechnology
    In-depth bio-technology analysis from Korea University and its Research and Business Development Foundation.
    Evaluate business feasibility through experience as a listed venture company
    Patents and licensing experience in biotechnology-based products
  • VC Team Head, Analyst
  • Doctor of Energy Engineering at Hanyang University
    Hanyang University Post-Doc.
  • Lee, Chang Seon
  • Ph.D. in Energy Engineering at Hanyang University and Analysis of Renewable Energy Materials
    Have expertise in national and corporate operations related to renewable energy (secondary batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, etc.)
    Reviewing and supporting investment companies through academic and corporate networks related to renewable energy
  • Admin. Dept. / Dept. Head
  • DongA Broadcasting Art School
  • Choi, Yuri
  • Accounting·Financials
    Fund management
  • Admin. Dept. / Employee
  • Dongguk Univ.
  • Lee, Jin Yong
  • Administer