About History

  • 2015
  • Company Establishment
    Venture Capital Company License Registration

  • 2016
  • K& Secondary No.1 Fund (KRW 5.1bn) Established
    K& Digital Contents No.1 Fund (KRW 9.3bn) Established
    K& Secondary No.2 Fund (KRW 3.0bn) Established
    K& Win-Win No.1 Fund (KRW 9.9bn) Established

  • 2017
  • K& Digital Contents No.2 Fund (KRW 2.0bn) Established
    K& Secondary No. 3 Fund (KRW 4.0bn) Established
    PEF GP Registration
    IBKC-K& Secondary No.1 Fund (KRW 20.0bn) Established
    Capital Increase (KRW 0.33bn)_CB Conversion
    K& Jump-up No1. Fund (KRW 33.5bn) Established

  • 2018
  • K& Global New Drug Privite Equity Fund No.2 (KRW 15.6bn)
    BNK-K& Creating Jobs No.1 Fund (KRW 32.5bn)

  • 2019
  • CEO visiting 3 Nordic countries as a National Delegation of Business (June 9 to 16)
    CEO, the Venture Capitalist of the Month (KVCA mag.#7)
    Concluding MOU with KPC (October 31,'19)
    K& Win-Win No.2 Fund (KRW 15.4bn) Established

  • 2020
  • BNK-K& New Marine Industry No.1 Fund (KRW 15.5bn) Established
    Capital Increase (KRW 0.75bn)
    K& Future Tech No1 Fund (KRW 4.2bn) Established
    K& Future Tech No2 Fund (KRW 2.1bn) Established